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                              May 2016




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Having just come off a Tres Dias weekend, and being an analytical kind of guy, I was trying to analyze this morning, just what it is about Tres Dias that makes it such an awesome and unique experience.  Is it having three days away from home, without household chores?  Or maybe not having to worry about meals for three days?  (I think not, especially for the men).  Perhaps it the sleeping accommodations, those warm and comfortable beds? J   Or the private, modern, sparkling bathroom facilities?  Or maybe the snacks, with all the calories included.  Then certainly it must be the luxury of having all that free time to catch up on your reading.

We all know better.  I think if I were to ask the new Pescadores what was special about their weekend, they would agree it was the kindness, generosity, time and love that was lavished on them.  God’s love, because there is no other explanation for why a community of individuals would inconvenience themselves so much with no expected ‘pay back’. 

So being an analytical guy, as I said earlier, I thought it would be a great idea to try to quantify just how much God’s love is needed for an ideal weekend with say, 15 candidates.  We will do this by creating a ‘unit’ of God’s love, called an ‘agape’ and assign these units to the various activities of the community.  For example:

One team member attending one team meeting = 1 agape     Total for 24 team members attending 8 meetings x 1 agape/member mtg. = 192 agape units


So here we go:

Rector Preparation (50 hrs x 1 agape/hr)                                                                    50 agape units

Sponsoring a candidate (15 candidates x 1 agape /candidate)                                    15      

Team meetings (24 member team x 8 meetings x 1 agape/mem. mtg.)                      192

Writing Rollos  (15 Rollos)                                                                                           15

Attending Opening (15 candidates x 2 sponsors/candidate + team+20% community)  65    

Prayer Candles by sponsors                                                                                           15

The Weekend – team (24 team x 3 days)                                                                         72

Servers – (2/meal x 8 meals)                                                                                             16

General Palanca from the community -10 pcs                                                                  10

Personal Palanca (15 pcs x 15 candidates + 5 pcs x 24 team)                                          345

Mananita – 50 pescadores                                                                                                 50

Attending Closing (15 candidates x 2 sponsors/candidate + team + 20% community)   65

Reunion Secuela (15 candidates + 30 sponsors +24 team + 20% community)                83 

                                                                                                                                        -----                                                                                                                                                993 agape units


Wow!  Pretty impressive.  Do you think we could ever have a 1,000 agape weekend?  I think so!  How much God’s Love can you contribute to the next weekend?  The next weekend is Women’s #67 – June 2nd – 5th, Cathedral Camp.  Let’s get started by sponsoring candidates!









Welcome Pescadores

RIMA welcomes 3 new Pescadores from Men's Weekend #67 - May 12 - 15, 2016


Brian Brit – Living Word Fellowship, Griswold, CT


Paul Garvin – Rock Village Church, Middleborough, MA

No email address


Joseph DeFelix – Grace, Brockton, MA








Hello Pescadors,


        With the successful men’s weekend behind us, (with praise to God!) we are into countdown mode for the women’s weekend. As the Community coordinator for RIMA Women’s Weekend # 67, I have a few requests of you. Okay, most of you didn’t sing the song I wrote for the last Butterfly, so I guess that I have to come straight out and beg… We NEED your presence and support at both the openings and the closings. PLEASE come out and help celebrate both our return to Cathedral Camp, and the journey of our new pescadors.


        We had a wonderful showing for the men’s mananita. At least 20 wonderful (and beautiful!) women joined together to sing for our men (and Pastor Ruth, of course). I know that it touched many hearts. Gentlemen, can you try to outdo us? We women, and Pastor Joe, would love to see all of your handsome smiling faces on Sunday morning (June 5th).


        Also, we are still in need of servers for most of the meals. At present, Friday morning and Saturday noon are covered. Please call or email to let me know which meal you would like to serve. If you would like to volunteer in any other way, I would be thrilled. I am contacting area coordinators now, and will let you know their names and numbers as soon as they are all set.


        Thank you all in advance!            DeColores!


In His Holy Name,


Dawn Rota,

Community Coordinator 

781-545-3195 or 781-264-8302





It is with sadness that we report that Pescadore Bobby Valentine went to be with the Lord on Saturday, May 14, 2016.  He was the associate pastor of Praise Tabernacle North (formerly Impact Church - formerly Grace Family Church) in North Smithfield, RI.  Pastor Bob made his weekend in June 2015, Men's RIMA #65.  Pastor Marquardt is in charge of arrangements .
















06/02-06/05       WOMEN’S WEEKEND #67 – Rector Joyce St. Jean


06/17 (Fri.)        REUNION SECUELA  TBD

06/28 (Tues.)     Weekend Committee – Bethany Village Fellowship, 7PM


08/08 (Mon.)      SECRETARIAT – LCC, 159 Winthrop St., Taunton, MA, 7PM


08/23 (Tues.)     Weekend Committee – Bethany Village Fellowship, 7PM


08/27 (Sat.)       SECUELA – at Arent’s, 2PM – 10PM


09/12 (Mon.)      SECRETARIAT – LCC, 159 Winthrop St., Taunton, MA, 7PM


09/29- 10/02      MEN’S WEEKEND #68 – Rector ????? ??????


10/10 (Mon.)      SECRETARIAT – LCC, 159 Winthrop St., Taunton, MA, 7PM


10/20-10/23       WOMEN’S WEEKEND #68 – Rector Rose Breau


10/25 (Tues.)     Weekend Committee – Bethany Village Fellowship, 7PM


11/14 (Mon.)      SECRETARIAT – LCC, 159 Winthrop St., Taunton, MA, 7PM


11/18 (Fri.)        REUNION SECUELA – TBD

12 /04 (Sun.)     4th Day Event - CAROLING at Matulaitis (3PM) - 10 Thurber Rd, Putnam,         CT followed by

                        CHRISTMAS PARTY at Thornfield Hall - 330 Thompson Hill Rd., Rt 200, Thompson, CT




Note:    Please confirm dates and times on the RIMA website, Facebook page, or most recent Butterfly.






Respectfully Submitted in His Holy name,

Lynne Cignarella