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News From the International Secretariat's Membership Committee
Richard Thornhill
Charters for three new communities, Peru Tres Dias, Ottawa TD, and Colorado Front Range, were approved at the March meeting of the International Secretariat, as announced by Membership VP Richard Thornhill.
Eleven other "emerging" communities (three foreign, eight within the US) are working toward being chartered. Emerging communities always fill their teams with "guests" from established communities. You don't need to be a member of the sponsoring community to serve as a team member. If you are interested in serving in that way, look at the possibilities by going to and clicking on the WEEKENDS tab. You'll find dates and contact information for each community; for additional information, contact Richard Thornhill,


Why Not Attend a Meeting of the Tres Dias International Secretariat?
This 27-member group, which serves as a board of directors for Tres Dias, inc., meets three times a year. The first meeting is just following the Annual Assembly; the next meeting is in the fall, and the next in the spring.
The location for this year's Annual Assembly, Seoul, Korea, may make a casual visit difficult, but the subsequent meetings will be close to home for many:
Fairfield, Connecticut: 19-21 October, 2012
Dallas, Texas: 8-10 March, 2013
Richard will be sending out special invitations to neighboring communities encouraging them to attend. The guests can sign in as observers, attend the plenary meetings, and participate in the committee work.
There's an added benefit: this is an opporunity to attend Essentials training and become certified as a trainer, someone who can conduct the training in his or her home community.


Tres Dias Workshop
Should Secuelas be Open or Closed?


Participants at a recent International Assembly workshop raised this question. Some community representatives said they make all secuelas "open," i.e., guests who have not attended Tres Dias are encouraged to attend. A few communities hold only "closed" (i.e., pescadores only) secuelas, and still others mix it up: the summer picnic may be open, but "victory" secuelas (to welcome those who have just completed a weekend) are closed.
Open secuelas are very effective for getting friends interested in attending a weekend, say those who champion this approach. Other participants noted that "open" reunion groups are an even more powerful way to attract potential candidates.
Best Practices
Adding Value to the Fourth-Day Package
That package that new pescadores take with them holds more than just memories. A printed roster with team and candidates' mail and e-mail addresses, lists of active reunion groups, dates for secuelas and secretariat meetings, perhaps a copy of the community newsletter--these are the kinds of "levers" that will support the candidate throughout the fourth day.
Materials available from the Supplies section of the Tres Dias website can give the fourth-day package even more spiritual energy. Here are some samples. And nothing costs more than a few dollars.
The Tres Dias Guide for Living the Fourth Day was written to answer three questions: What actually happened during the three days? How and why does everything--all those talks, discussions, table prayers, etc.-- fit together the way it does? Where do I go from here? The 16-page book refreshes memory of the weekend with capsule summaries of the rollos and mediations, along with explanations of how the ideas and themes relate and build. Other sections provide information on fourth-day activities and on how Tres Dias is organized at the local and international levels.
What Day Is This? And What Did You Just Call Me? This delightful audio CD was produced by a voice-over professional as palanca for Tres Dias. Indeed, you may recognize the distinctive voice from TV and radio commercials, but you will also hear overtones of a deeply felt joy as the narrator takes listeners from that moment of post weekend confusion ("What did I just experience?") into the anticipation of reliving some of that spiritual excitement at secuelas and in reunion groups. Can the new pescador repeat the weekend experience as a candidate? No, the narrator explains, but he or she can start making plans now to serve on a team sometime in the future, and praying about who to sponsor.
De Colores bumper stickers or Tres Dias bumper stickers add color to the packages and help pescadores spot others who are living the fourth day; there's also the option of a De Colores sticker with letters reversed for posting inside a rear window. Those who display the stickers often find themselves greeted with a friendly "De Colores" from complete strangers in a parking lot, or even when stopped at a traffic light. There is currently an oversupply of the Tres Dias stickers in inventory. The price has been reduced to 80 cents each for purchases of ten or more.
To browse the items available from Tres Dias, go to and click the "Supplies" tab.
Tres Dias is an international organization, and there is a pressing need for pescadores to become involved beyond the local secretariat. The fourth-day package can help build excitement about serving at the national and international levels. Consider enclosing a current copy of this newsletter. Publish a list of communities, both in the US and abroad, that are asking for visiting team members (To get such a list, contact VP Membership Richard Thornhill. See above.)


Expanding Prayer Vigils Worldwide
Candidates often feel astonished to learn that someone has been praying for them, every minute, day and night, throughout the weekend. When they can be told that the prayers were not just from people within the community, but from individuals throughout the US and even from foreign locations--and then shown a list of people who prayed and their geographic locations--the sense of wonder expands beyond all expectations.
Weekend prayer vigils have long been a tradition in some Tres Dias Communities, and the Internet site 3 Day Weekends Online ( builds on that form of palanca by making it easier for a community to set up the vigil and for persons from outside the community to sign on. The site is well worth a visit, even if you don't set up a prayer vigil. The home page states "This web site is dedicated to the many 3-day weekends occurring around the world." Although Tres Dias refers to itself as part of "the fourth-day movement," the term "three-day movement" is also commonly used. The section labeled 3-Day Movements lists 23 of the best- known organizations, including prison ministries and ministries for youth.
To visualize this expansive development of the three-day movement, visit that section of 3 Day Weekends Online labeled Cursillo History. The genealogical chart (family tree) diagrams the Catholic Cursillo expansion into the US, Germany, Austria, and Canada during the 1960s, simultaneously diversifying to include youth and prison ministries. The Lutheran and Episcopal churches were the first to sponsor denomination-specific Cursillo weekends, and Tres Dias pioneered non-denominational Christian weekends.
To get a sense of the current diversity, visit the Prayer Vigil listings. For a typical Thursday to Sunday in the spring or fall, between 50 and 80 communities request vigils. If you see an open slot, consider signing on. Before closing out this issue, the editors took a look at the entire listing--more than 300 prayer vigils are scheduled between now and the fall!
To date, only a handful of Tres Dias communities are using the resources available from 3 Day Weekends Online. That is likely to change as more communities become aware of the site.


Also in this Issue
News from the
International Secretariat's Membership Committee

Secuelas--Open or Closed?
Adding Value to the Fourth Day Package
Expanding Prayer Vigils Worldwide


Video for 33rd Annual Assembly, Seoul, Korea released
Letter from the Editor




City of Seoul, Korea, site for the 33rd Intenational Assembly. See Notice below


The logo depicts a mountain, a river, and the sun.


For one individual who was part of a Korean community during his time in the military, the image takes on a personal meaning. He says it shows two pescadores, one with his hand on a friend's shoulder and the other hand raised in praise to the Lord.


















































To visit the sections of Three Day Weekends Online described at left, use these links








The Colors of Tres Dias International is published by the Services Committee, a standing committee of the Tres Dias International Secretariat. Ned Heffington serves as chairman of the Services Committee as well as co-editor and proofreader for the publication.
The Tres Dias Korean Region Committee (TDKR) will be hosting
the 33rd Annual Assembly of Tres Dias Secretariats, in Seoul, Korea, September 14-16, 2012.

A spectacular video presentation introducing potential delegates to the event is now available. To watch the video, click this link:Welcome to Korea

From the Editor--"In Search of best practices"
To our Readers,

As that little story on "open or closed secuelas" shows, the workshops at an Annual Assembly provide one platform for exchanging ideas on "best practices"--ways of doing things that prove especially successful and deserve to be used more broadly.
We would like to see this newsletter become a similar platform. Perhaps you've found a way to give Essentials training a new, more festive look, or staged a successful workshop on sponsorship, or worked out the details for getting more pastors to serve as spiritual directors, or done something else that is bringing new levels of energy to your community. If so, let's tell others about it. Start by sending a short description to me.(Simply hit "reply.") Someone will get back to you to talk about how to tell the story.
This is our first try at using a new format for the newsletter, and the old method of attaching a PDF to an e-mail is something of the past. Feel free to tell us what you think of this way of doing things.


Don. Bohl
Newsletter Editor
Tres Dias, Inc.
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